Why the Wilderness?

Hi, I am Dylan and I am sure that the video you see above these words isn't exactly what you thought you would find on a site dedicated to exploring the outdoors and running commercial tours.

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Fast-Advancing Time and a New Plan

It has been a long, busy three years! South by Southwest was a concept around this time in 2013, and it was officially recognized by the state of Arizona in early 2014.

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It's Been a While!

Since our last post, we've been busy. The winter doesn't stop paddling sports in Arizona and we had a great 2015, but we spent more time than we had planning for an even better 2016.

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We Made It!

It only took them a few months, but TripAdvisor finally made us live!

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Grand Opening Celebration!

On July 18th, we are throwing a party! A chance to check out the office, see what we have been doing on tours so far this year, and let us know what you want to see next.

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New Boats! Fluid Do-It-Now!

We searched long and hard for the perfect Verde River boat and we have found it!

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