Fluid Kayak Rental

Our favorite kayak for thin water, the Do-It-Now whitewater sit on top.
We have found these kayaks to be perfect Verde River boats with both the fast maneuverability that a narrow river like the Verde demands, with the secondary stability and the forgiving dynamics that a beginner appreciates. With confident, predictable river handling, all levels of paddler can benefit from a fun, sporty, easy to control boat that makes the rapids fun and the river a joy. All rentals include paddle and life vest and are good for 24 hours. Please call if you need boats for an extended period or for any local appreciation specials.

Essential Boat Information:


Same day rentals may be possible subject to availability, reservations are strongly encouraged though and always call ahead if you don't have a boat reserved.


Rentals can be picked up from our office at 551 N Main Street, Cottonwood, AZ 86326 or our Glendale location by appointment only.


$45 plus sales tax per boat, per day. We count a day as pick it up today, return it before we close tomorrow so no rush! If you need it for more than a day, talk to us about multi-day specials!


24+ hours, we will never make you rush if we can help it. If picking up today and returning tomorrow before close of business will be an issue for your trip, call us to discuss your specific needs and we will do our best to accomodate.


  • Paddle and tie down straps as required
  • PFD (life vest) and Helmet if desired
  • Throw bag if trained in proper use

Not Included but available:

  • Dry bags or boxes for gear
  • Ice chests and other storage solutions
  • Waterproof Action cams with mounts

Project Description

The perfect beginner kayak that runs rivers like a whitewater creek boat, but builds confidence like a sit-on-top. In contrast to other “whitewater” sit-on-tops that have been produced so far by other manufacturers, the Do It Now was designed to allow for exactly the same interface between paddler and kayak as any other “sit-in” whitewater kayak. The perfect beginner kayak that handles like a whitewater kayak, but if you swim you can just get back on.

To achieve this, the paddler's knees, key to boat control, are kept in fixed contact with the boat by raising the knee area of the sit-on-top high enough for the knees to push against, with only short thigh straps to keep the knees in position. This allows the paddler to control the kayak like no other sit-on-top by leaning and edging the kayak accurately when needed. It also allows the paddler to roll the kayak with surprising ease.

Project Details

Dates: One day or Multi-day rentals available