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Review of South by Southwest Adventures LLC — 5 star

This was the best part of our trip. It was exciteding and we had super tour guys. This a must if you go to AZ!!!!

by Susie Masella on September 6, 2016 via Facebook
This was one of my favorite things that we did on our vacation. The staff are made up of some of the most knowledgeable and professional guides you'll ever meet. Highly recommend even on rainy days (like our own).
by Nathan B on September 3, 2016 via Tripadvisor

We live locally and got a reservation the day before we wanted to take our trip and picked up the boats ourselves. Craig was really helpful loading stuff with my hubby and away we went! The equipment was in great shape and easy to move on our own and we had a blast. We returned everything the same day and got a discount for being locals. Thanks to Dylan for the locals discount and making all the transactions easy and smooth! Great company!

by happydrip58 on August 19, 2016 via Tripadvisor
Review of South by Southwest Adventures LLC — 5 star
Dylan, Justin, and crew.
Thank you for your hard work and excellent equipment, which made our trip this last weekend June 11th on the Verde river, absolutely fabulous! All 19 people were comfortable and safe. Looking forward to another trip this summer.
by Rebel Westenhaver-Wells on June 13, 2016 via Facebook

We had a perfect kayak trip with South by Southwest. We booked at the last minute and they were super accommodating and friendly. Our guide Dillon was very knowledgeable and gave us great information about the environment, history, and the sport of kayaking. He let us go at our own pace, slowing down or speeding up the trip as we wanted. We will definitely call them again next time we are in Sedona

by cl2003 on May 7, 2016 via Tripadvisor
Review of South by Southwest Adventures LLC — 5 star
It was like spending the day with family. Lots of fun and very knowledgable. Definitely coming back again!
by Chris Ratcliff on May 4, 2016 via Facebook

My siblings and I did the afternoon half-day guided kayaking trip on the Verde River and had the best time!! Our guides were great teachers and very knowledgeable about the river and all of the surrounding areas. The guides even took pictures and videos while we were on the river that we were able to download for free, this was a great bonus to add to our trip! This trip was relaxing yet so fun and I would highly recommend South by Southwest to anyone visiting the Sedona area!!

by jjacks14 on March 30, 2016 via Tripadvisor
I am a local Concierge and I took this lovely guided trip to learn whether I would recommend it to my guests visiting the area. I truly enjoyed the trip and was impressed by the company's approach to safety. My guide was courteous and knowledgeable such as that I felt well taken care of. I have already booked two tours for families visiting the area that are trusting me at my word not to lead them astray.
This river trip was just enough exercise and thrill to provide for a marvelous half-day experience. There are a number of appealing characteristics concerning the Verde River you will learn about that make this tour a great candidate for excursions year round.
by Gregory D. on March 7, 2016 via Yelp

Review of South by Southwest Adventures LLC — 5 star

by Ni-Koal Hun-t on October 1, 2015 via Facebook
Review of South by Southwest Adventures LLC — 5 star
This was such an amazing group to rent kayaks from! They care so much about their customers and were so helpful! They even told us what parts of our kayak adventure you could see parts of native american ruins on the drive up and where the best scenery was. While kayaking we passed a tour group from a different kayak tour place in the area and they seemed bored but south by southwest let us go at our pace and slow the trip down or speed it up for what suited our group! If you dont use south by southwest then you are definitely making a mistake!!!!
by Kirsten Walker on September 20, 2015 via Facebook

Review of South by Southwest Adventures LLC — 5 star

Such good people. Very knowledgeable. Highly recommended

by Kory Auth on September 1, 2015 via Facebook
We rented two kayaks for a 2 hour trip. Service was friendly and knowledgable. Took us to the put in and picked us up two hours later. Beautiful scenery and a few light rapids to make it exciting.
by Bill D. on July 26, 2015 via Tripadvisor

Review of South by Southwest Adventures LLC — 5 star

by Michael J Campbell on July 18, 2015 via Facebook
Me + Wife + 12 y/o daughter enlisted SxSW (OK, I'm sure they don't use that acronym, but its fun to co-opt it and use it anyway) for a paddle trip from Lower Tapco RAP to Tuzigoot, a very basic but lovely 2.x mile trip.
Immediately upon arrival, the helpful staff (including Dylan) sized us up, matched us up to the appropriate boats and safety gear, and gave us our safety briefing. The staff was very laid back, encouraging and friendly, and everything went very smoothly during the "administration" and paperwork phase. Then we were off in the Big Blue Van to the TAPCO RAP for another excellent little briefing (hand-signals, hazard avoidance and communication, etc.) and then we put in.
So far, I'd say that was worthy of 4 stars. But I'm sure ALL of the outdoors outfits in Cottonwood and Clarkdale would do the same thing, and some would do it just as well. It is when we got on the water that the 5th star (and 6th, if I could give one) was really earned by Dylan. He's a neat guy, he combines a rare blend of river and ecology knowledge with outstanding "people skills" to make your experience very comfortable, relaxed, and interesting. He effortlessly engages you (and anyone else on the river who happens to be floating by) without being overzealous, or worse, smothering you with "do this or do that, its better if you do it this way" lecturing that I've seen so many other guides do. I think he gets a sense fairly quickly for the type of outing you want, and then he just acts on those cues. Of course, if a person did want constant attention, tips, and training, I'm sure he would cater to them as well. He was ready and willing to help us "make memories" at every turn, whether by staged still photos or taking up positions on the bank to film us going through the little rapids.
The net result is that our float felt much more like a fun day outing with a good friend, rather than some tightly controlled, by-the-numbers exercise. And I really appreciated that, as I was in the mood for a day of pretty canyon sights, lazy pacing and relaxation...and that's just what a I got! Many thanks, we and our friends will be back!
by M. Philip E. on June 18, 2015 via Yelp

“ Great time on the water. Thanks, Dylan! ”

by David M on Jul 3, 2014 via Email
"What a great time we had! We started early on Sunday morning so we hardly saw anyone else on the river. The kayaks were in great shape and easy to maneuver. The falcons, ravens, great blue herons and turkey vulchers made the trip even more interesting. Our guide was Dylan and he was wonderful. We would highly recommend this trip for anyone that wants to see the natural beauty right outside Phoenix." !
by Teresa P on Jun 19, 2013 via Meetup